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Discovered Tendency - How to improve?

  • jrporras (panama)

Interestingly enough, I believe ive found a tendency in my game thats costing me money. Seems whenever I play live games(both tournies and cash) I tend to underestimate my opponents hands the FIRST time i go against them on a heads up match(seems stupid but its almost like because ive never met them, im dubious form the start). So, I start playing my normal progression of raises, bets, CB, etc until Im heads up - then Im either overly aggressive if there raise or reraise, or I just call thinking they are bluffing me. Lost some pots that way(over the last 20 hours of poker Ive noted this specific tendency) then I adjust my game and usually things tend to settle down and I do ok rest of night. However, those lost pots sometimes are the difference of me either losing small/Breaking even and doublingfor the night. Any suggestions on how to train my brain ? It almost seems I need to "warm up" phycologically so playing the game right with people ive never played with before.

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