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Do I fold, call or reraise with QQ after I get 4-bet preflop

  • Papabro (Shelton,WA)

Blinds 1/2

10 players

Hero stack 135bb, position BB

Villian stack 300 bb, position UTG +2

Preflop: Villian raises to 5bb, Mp1 calls, folds to Hero who reraises to 20bb with QQ. Villain reraises to 55bb, Mp1 folds. Should I call or ???? Reraise or go all in?

Additional info: I haven't been at the table long and the players are unknown to me. I have pot odds of 2.5:1 (29%) and 115 left in my stack. I gave Villain a range TT+, AKs, AKo. With that range I'm a 52% favorite.

Thanks for your thought

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