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Do we recalculate the chip value of bounty as tournament progresses?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

Hi. In Episode 228-Bounty Tournament, Nick walks through an example of calling an all-in by considering the bounty and assigning a chip value to it. In the given example, the tournament is a $1K entry with $250 of the $1K being the bounty and there are 10,000 starting chips...So, the bounty should be thought of as being worth 2,500 tournament chips (i.e., 25% of the starting stack) and calculation should include that 'extra' amount. My question is (continuing Nick's example) will that 2,500 tournament chip value of the bounty ever change (should we re-calculate as the tournament moves along by, say, assigning value to the bounty of 25% of the current average stack) or does it stay 2,500 meaning that the bounty becomes less and less impactful to a particular all-in calling decision as the tournament moves along and stack sizes become nominally larger and larger. Thanks!

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