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Does two pair lose enough value here to fold on the river?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

6 handed online

Hero in HJ with 135bb

CO with 140bb

BB with 80bb

Folds to hero who opens to 4bb with 3d2d

Suited connectors are part of my MP and EP range, typically just 56s+, but this online table dynamic has been profitable to open wider from in position.

CO calls

Folds to BB who calls

Pot: 12.5bb



Checks around


Jc3sTs 2c

Checks to hero who bets 8bb...I have two pair and the board is double suited, time to speed up.

Would anyone check here?

CO calls

BB calls

Pot: 36.5bb


Jc3sTs 2c 7s

BB bets 20.5bb

I can't think of many hands I beat here, just the number of bluffs BB could be running, and with two to act, I don't see BB getting out of line too often here.


I fold but thought it was an interesting two pair hand...your thoughts?


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