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Ep. 54 - Same line of thinking in a cash game?

  • sscott123 (New York, NY)

In regards to C Betting in this spot:

You chose to C bet on the coordinated board because your hand still had some equity with the back door nut flush draw (where you can bet again on the turn if a spade comes off), the gut shot straight draw and the A high. Would the same line of thinking be the same in a cash game? Does that decision still have a positive expected value? I am usually check folding in this spot (OOP against more than 1 opponent with a coordinated board) but was just wondering if this is a nuance I can add to my C betting strategy.

River decision:

Is the fold here purely based on the tournament situation where your tournament life is at stake and if you fold you still have enough chips left to continue accumulating them? Is it a call in a cash game?



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