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exception to the push fold chart when there is a BB anti

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

1st Question, If I fold I have less than the Anti and BB and will have to post it next. Will the 1000 apply to the BB and 600 apply to the Anti or Vise versa?

If the 600 applies to the BB and I get 2 callers I would be entitled to 600 x 3 plus anti if I win which is much less than 1000 X 3 plus anti if the 1000 applies to the BB.

The push fold charts go down to 2 big blinds,  UTG on a full table with 2 BB the range is pretty tight, However with a BB anti Next hand should we push with any 2 cards?  If we get 2 callers and win W get 1600 x 3 plus Anti

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