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Flopped flush over flush jam on the river

  • Gil T (Kingston, NY)

Here I raised a limped table preflop with commanding table lead and got one caller. We both flopped a flush. This player was pretty timid but seemed to call people a lot and caught one woman bluffing three times.  I bluffed before but never showed.  Villain was betting so I played the flush aggressively and he kept calling. On the river I thought my opponent either had a set which didnt boat out or another flush. There were two cards higher than his flush including the King and Queen of diamonds.  I shoved the river to put my opponent to the test if they did have a flush and thats what it did.  He tanked for 5 minutes thinking I had one of the higher flushes and finally made the call.  I knew that I would still have some chips to work with if I lost and if he had a higher flush so be it.  I did make the final table because I think I had a skill advantage over this table.  Did I play this hand correctly or would you have played differently?  Its tough to have flush over flush but I think you need to get the chips in and not play defensively.

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