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  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)


How should I have played this flopped straight on this highly coordinated board? What should have been my default flop action? Default turn action after my default flop action?  Turn action as played?

As played, I made a standard size flop bet for this table based on this limped pot size.  I see this is a highly coordinated flop but do I want to force folds with an over bet and not maximize value?  When villain 2 raised I assumed 2 pair+ and flush draw were a large part of his range, with 9T possible but a small % overall. I re raised to put villain 2 all-in and assumed a raise of $95 more to MP2 would be enough to fold out most of his range.

As played, what do I do on the turn out of position with a flush on the board?  Did I put myself in a bad spot here by re-raising the flop?  Should I have tried to control the pot by just calling the flop raise since I had a vulnerable hand to a flush and a higher straight?  Should I have shoved to the flop raise?

Thanks in advance for all your input.

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