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Flopping a flush draw in a multiway pot vs bb flop bet

  • mhef1989 (Charlotte )

Live $1/$2- minimum call $5. All stacks ~100$, unless otherwise mentioned. 7 handed.

Mp1 bets 5, mp2 calls, hijack folds

Hero in cutoff, with $210 behind, calls 5 with 7h7d

Button calls, sb folds, BB ($250 behind) completes.

Pot after rake- $23. Flop: 8h 6h 2h.

BB bets $15. Folds to hero.

I haven't had any looks at the BB, but seems like a decent TAG. I estimate BB range as sets, two pairs, 1010+ (with a heart redraw), some 8s with a heart redraw, 97, 75, some made flushes. I was torn between either calling or folding. I didn't think raising was a good idea because BB bet into 4 people, so I thought if I raised, there was a minimal to no chance of BB folding. I was getting a little less than 3:1 on the call, so I wasn't getting the pot odds needed call, but because of BB's apparent strength, I thought the implied odds were there. I also believed I was slightly behind his overall range (although I ran it in Pokercruncher and I am a 2:1 dog). Because I had enough equity in the hand, I didn't think folding was a good idea. So, by default, I called. Do you agree with this assessment?

Button folds

Pot after rake- $48.

Turn was 9c, and BB bets $50. Hero? I was torn between either folding or shoving. Calling wasn't an option because there weren't many hands I could beat at showdown without improving. I, also expected a large river bet to occur if I called, and would have difficulty calling that should my hand not improve. I felt shoving was a stronger play than folding because i had a 25% of a making either a straight or flush (according to pokercruncher I was a 3:1 dog against my estimate of the BB range) and I could fold out a lot of BB's range that otherwise would have beaten me. Would have folding at either point (flop or turn) been a more profitable play?

Thanks for your help


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