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Flopping top set out of position w/ flush draw on board(highly coordinated board

  • Stevemarvin42 (Los osos, ca)

I got put in a tough spot today in the BB. Little info on villan(he was drinking alot and raising fairly wide and often and clling alot as well.   First question:  Should I have 3 bet my 99 here?  I chose to flat call out of position.  Today was 3 betting out of position in SB but not BB unless I had 10's+.  When flop came i checked to induse action from villan and he shoved for his whole stack.  I snapped called.  question 2:  should I have bet out on the flop or checked?  Question 3:  Can I ever fold this flop?

i lost the hand so i am wondering what i could of done better here next time


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