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Flush over flush

  • jrporras (panama)

Played this hand recently.  

Other than simply folding T8s right from the getgo(Yes! I know this is a wide range to open UTG, however I do sometimes play some spec hands UTG as part of my strategy), i do believe that my raise getting called on the flop, and then the shove on the turn, should have alerted me of a higher flush - ESPECIALLY me holding T8 and the 7 and 5 already on the board.  

Yes the A was out there as well but after post hand analysis seems the odds of villain holding 96, 64, 43, 42, 32, 92, 62, 93, 94, 63, were slimmer than the combos formed with 9, J, Q and K.   Even though he would be shoving with all of his flushes given my perceived hands do not include flush draws(or at least very unlikely).

The odds were about 2.3 to 1 - that may have influenced my decision to call. I really didnt have much info on villain.  Also though he could have been shoving with trip 7s - but thats about it - 


Is this analysis correct? Looking for POST FLOP insight here - as I understand preflop raise range is unconventional.

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