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Fold an over pair in 4 way pot

  • Steve S (Gilbert, AZ)

Super loose reg limps utg1 and hijack limps behind, I raise to $30 a little over the standard $20 open at the table because of the 2 limpers, button 3-bets, button hasn’t played many hands and seems solid showing down mainly premium hands, he has 3-bet me once before with JJ vs my AK, both limpers call, I considered 4 betting but I think the buttons range is fairly narrow so I call getting a really good price. Should I have 4-bet OOP with JJ in a bloated pot playing with such deep stacks (300-500bbs)? 

Flop comes out pretty good for JJ with a 9 high but 2 spades. The utg1 donk bets for his stack and the hijack tanks and calls. I’ve played enough with utg1 since he’s a regular to know I’m likely way ahead of his range here, hijacks call of half pot on this dynamic board seems like a draw or maybe even flatting top set with 2 players still behind, I lean more with draw though. I have a solid range advantage against both players, my big concern is the original raiser, if I call or raise and he comes over the top I likely fold. What’s the right play here?

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