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fold or reshove ?

  • yves kupfermunz (waterloo,belgium)

TOURNAMENT € & 1.200. End of Day1. Blind 1.000/2.000/200. I have just been transferred to another table. Noone known to me. In ten minutes, last level of the day is finished and next day blinds are 1.500/3.000. I have 60.000, IE 30BB but in ten minutes 20BB only. I am SB with AhQh. LP opens 5.500 with stack 80.000. I call. BB with 65.000 raises 15.000. Opener fold and I reshove ( BB may be squeezing, I feel he has medium pair). Indeed, he holds JJ and his pair holds. I bust. Was reshoving the right move ? Had I won the flip, I would have approx 150.000, IE 37BB. I could have 3bet but felt safer by calling opeing bet because I did not know players. Thanks for your imput. Yves Kupfermunz

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