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Folding Full Houses

  • Otto Parts (Houston, TX)

Live 1-2 NLHE cash game. 9 players at a casino.

This is the first hand after I sat down so I have no reads yet. Stack sizes are estimated but close.

UTG straddles for $5 (~$250 behind)

UTG1 calls (~$100 behind)

MP1 calls (~$350 behind)

I am in MP2 with 6s6c (starting stack of $300). I call.

Button (~$400) and BB (Stack ?) both call.

6 ways to the flop. Rake=$6. Pot = $25

Flop A 6 7 rainbow. It checks to me. I bet $10. Button, UTG1, and MP1 call. Pot = $65

Turn A (don't remember suit). It checks to me again. I bet $35.

Button flat calls. UTG1 puts rest of his stack in ~$90.

I call and button calls. Main Pot now $335 (Anything more now goes to side pot between me and button)

River comes a 7.

I check. Button bets small into the $~100. I folded figuring that 77, suited aces and some non suited aces make up just about all of my opponents range.


1. Appreciate your thoughts as played. I have chalked it up to bad luck. In the moment I flatted the turn all in to keep the button in. Should I have jammed over the top on the turn?

2. Related question: when betting into side pots, do you size your bet as if the side and main are still one pot or are there adjustments to be made?


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