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Folding KQ pre-flop?

  • Guruguru (Pala)

In a 1-3 game, I was Ep2 with KQ off-suit UTG raised to $12, I was considering whether to raise or fold -which should I have done?

As I was thinking and before I could act, MP2 called out of turn "Raise". I thought that with the UTG raiser, and a later position willing and anxious to re-raise, my KQ was probably facing AK, AQ, AA, KK, QQ so I folded. Was I correct?

Unrelated to the questions, naturally the flop was KKQ.

I rewiewedd the hands to open in early position, and KQ is not in them, so certainly I should not see a raise with them. This shows how important it is to review all of Nick's great lectures, as things can always be forgotten .

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