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Follow up Question on Episode 172 for Danielle Andersen

  • Vintage69 (Laguna Beach, California )


Congratulations on your accomplishments thus far. Impressive. Your voyage to your success on the felt is inspiring. Really appreciate you openness and candor. Plus you’re willingness to give us a glimpse into your thought processes throughout your session.

I do have a couple of questions.

First, when did you reload the $200? What was your stack at the time and why only $200?

Only asking because the amount seems small, realitve to your intiail buy in.

Second, on your under the gun hand with AAs. The villain leads with $40 and you decide to call because, as you said, in part wanting to discuse the strength of your hand, especially against an aggressive player. But on the turn, when he resaises, why did you just opt to call? Asking because in my limited experience, this seems like the Critical moment in the hand, and you don’t provide us with any insight into why the call and not a thrid barrell? If you thought he was on a draw, wouldn’t this had been the best time to put max pressure on him and or get a clearer definition as to where you stood in the hand?

Again, thank you so much. Looking forward to your future segments.

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