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Great bluff - withouth knowing...

  • jrporras (panama)

Tournament play. Dealt 66 middle position, make a 2x raise, normal at the time. 2 players call. Flop comes 89J. Check to me, i make continuation bet, get a caller other folds. Turn a J. I make another barrell, player calls. River an 8. I make a third barrell 2/3 pot. Player folds pocket aces. I show 66 entire table talks about play for 30 minutes. The player is a very good player. He regarded this as an awesome bluff. But to be honest, and I did not want to accept that, i was under the tilted assumption that i was holding pocket eights! For some reason! (Tierd? Just not concentrating). I played the hand just like if i had flopped a set, then a full house and then cuads. I won, but felt stupid and amateurish. Any words of wisdom ? I guess im interested in the fact that it seems i played the hand well plus how the hands wered dealt just made it right at the time....maybe just luck?

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