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Hand on day two of 2018 WSOP $5K NLH BBAnte

  • BrianV59 (Seattle, WA)

2 hours into day two of 2018 WSOP $5K NLH BBAnte.

520 entrants. Pays 74, 115 left. So not really that close to money but getting there.  

Do you find a fold here?

Additional info: 

I had seen Shin shove twice already as a short stack to get to 20BBS. He was shoving much wider than Nash push/fold. So I thought he could reshove with any pair, AK-A10 or so. Didn't have much of a read on Bohim. 

I tanked for quite some time and thought of the following:

1) They can have blockers against each other (AK vs AK, AK vs AQ), Shin could reshove with 55-AA, AQ+, KQs (or even wider) so my QQ was likely ahead. Bohim seeing the same, so I put him on range of 88-AA, AK.  In fact just on the previous hand  Bonomo tanked a long time before calling an all-in with 88, won vs AQ and then said, "I don't know why I ever consider folding those". So I thought that might widen Bohim's range some after hearing that.

2) It was for my tournament life (lose to Bohim), or some very serious damage to my stack (if I lost to Shin but won the sidepot).  So ICM was very high in my thought process but to go deep in a tournament, you need to win flips, I figured I was most likely flipping if headsup, with two all-ins I was thinking blockers played a big part of their hands (Ax), or at least one had a smaller pair.

3) In looking back where I think I should have found a fold: When I look back Shin's reshove to an UTG raise that was fairly strong. But with my stack size, also put big pressure on me. So I think that balanced out. Bohim's call of Shin's reshove screams huge hand. This is where the alarm bells should have went off loudly in my head and where I perhaps should have found the fold, especially considering ICM.

I looking back I think it was either a shove pre from UTG, or fold.  Not sure an open/call was right, open/fold was most likely better if it went as I did with the open of 5K. Also, if I was going to open, an open to 4K was probably good enough so should have sized that lower also (if I was to go the open route).

Thanks for any feedback!


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