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hero folds pocket k's in MP1. Was this the right decision?

  • crustee1524 (sebring florida)

1/2 cash game

Hero at the table for about 2 hours with villain having been in game for almost 1 hour.

UTG open bets for $7.00. Folded to hero who raises to $20.00 expecting to thin field. Folded to button who raises all in for a total of $135.00. UTG folds and action on hero with $300.00 behind. On the previous hand villain had folded pre flop to an all in bet from another opponent after some deliberation and after folding indicated that he had reluctantly folded a pair of 9's.

Action on hero with $27.00 in the pot faced with having to bet and additional $115.00 to call the bet. Villain had been fairly passive playing few hands with no real read on his style. Hero believed his image was tight aggressive therefore believed villain had a premium hand which was probably a strong pocket pair but after having been forced to fold a pair on the previous hand hero believed he may have been making a play to establish himself after folding on the previous hand.

Hero decided the odds didn't justify calling. Did hero make a good decision or should this have almost been an automatic call?

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