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How did I play?

  • Navid (pelotas)

I had A7o in the BB seat 30BB in my stack, everyone folds to the CO, he opens to 2.5x with 20BB in his stack, I 3bet to 7.5 to re-steal and he calls. There are antes in play.

Flop: 3 4 5 rainbow.

I thought if I c-bet he would probably fold because the board doesn't seem to be connected to his range.

I knew that default play was c-betting and I could win uncontested pot most of the time but I started thinking in a different way and I deviated from the default decision.

I thought if I check I may induce bluff and I could win more, moreover, in case he checks behind I would have the chance to see the turn to see if any of my outs hit.

Maybe I over valued my hand and slow played as if I had a strong made hand.

So, I checked and he bet a little less than half of the pot, even if he were trapping with AA or if he flopped a set, considering the pot odds I still had a good chance against him. The only hand I was concerned about was 66.

So, even he was already pot committed I went all in to add a little fold equity to my hand equity , and he called.

He showed 79s and I won the hand with ace high.

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