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How do I adjust my strategy against IAGs (Insanely Aggressive Players)?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Over time, invariably, I end up at a table with 1, sometimes 2 Insanely Aggressive Players

Along with this IAG, there are usually several players trying, in various ways, to snipe the IAG.

Most of the time, these other players attack the IAG in very unprofitable ways, and the IAG (after several rebuys) can have a huge stack of chips...
Sometimes 2-5x the buy in, or 200-500 BB (or more).

Sound familiar?

How do we strategize against this player, and how do we maximize profit at the table.

Some of my strategies:

1) Seat Change button: I want to get to the immediate left of this IAG
2) Modify Opening Hand ranges: I adjust my range to include only premium holdings
3) Modify Calling Criteria: I will limp after IAG limps with a wider range and from early position
4) Target other players at table: I will identify how other players are playing exploitative and take advantage of their exploitative play. This can vary but may include raising their limps after IAG folds, or 3betting their opens after IAG folds...
5) Limp with premium holdings if IAG or other players are relentlessly raising with wide ranges preflop
6) Slow play more often to induce IAG to overbet/overcommit

I would love to here other's perspectives...


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