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How do I best equip myself to play online against pro's and very good amateurs

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Eric, I prefer to play NLH Live vs Online because I like knowing that even if one or more of my opponents are pros or very good amateurs, they can't use their online poker props such as smartphone/PC apps, charts, cheat-sheets, etc at the table which would give them an even bigger advantage over me. For this reason, I think most pros prefer to play multiple tables of online poker simultaneously vs one table of live poker. Therefore, I believe I have a better chance of winning at live games. What say you and how much do you stress early on to your students the importance of using visual and technology aids when playing online? Also, what is the basic arsenal of props you teach every student to equip themselves with when playing online and how do you instruct them to arrange them on their desks? Finally, can you recommend an online resource for this that has the luxury to go more in detail? Thanks!

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