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How do I calculate push fold call decisions at a final table with short stacked using ICM?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

I downloaded ICMizer and SNG Wizard to see if I can find an answer, but I just cannot figure it out. Neither of these includes spots for me to input the payout amounts.

Hand example:

MTT, started with 65, paid 9 places, down to the final 4 players.

Pay outs (4th to 1st): $1295, $2050, $3600, $4100

Stack sizes:
CO, 12BB
BTN, HERO, 10.5BB, QJo
SB, 9BB, tighter than normal player
BB, 13BB, good player, seems to play hands appropriately, maybe slightly looser than some since he has been the big stack

Preflop (pot = 1.9BB, includes antes of .1X BB each)

Questions (and how do I calcluate the answers?):

1. Does Hero shove or fold?

2. With what ranges of hands should Hero shove?

3. If Hero shoves, what ranges of hands should the SB and BB call with?


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