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How do I deal with short stacked opponents post flop?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

8 handed cash game


EP1 with $150 (not a ton of information, but playing wider than default, put him on a tighter MP range)

CO with $300

Hero with $300 in SB

EP1 opens to $8

CO calls

Folds to Hero who 3bets to $35 with QdQs

BB folds

EP1 calls

CO folds

Pot: $76 (after rake)

SPR: 1.5 (effective stack is EP1 with $115 behind)

Question 1: What is your post flop strategy when heads up against an opponent who is short stacked? When IP? When OOP?

Does post flop hand value matter when C-betting against a heads up opponent with this SPR?

My general play is to move all-in if my C-bet is over 1/3 of effective stack remaining...flop regardless when OOP


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