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How do I evaluate AK in a multiway all in with compelling odds?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

6 handed

Hero in BB with 115BB

MP2 with 29BB

MP3 with 90BB

Button with 120BB

MP2 opens to 3bb

MP3 calls

Button 3bets to 13bb

SB folds

Hero in BB with AhKc

4bet or call?

Different stack sizes in play here...

A 4bet is pot committing to MP2 but not MP3 and button

Hero decides to 4bet to isolate to 46bb

MP2 moves all in for 29BB

MP3 calls 46bb

Button moves all in for 120bb

Back to hero??

Hero has 69bb

Pot is now 241bb and it's 69bb to call

Just over 3.5:1 odds

Or need about 22% equity to break even


How should I play differently?

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