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How do I play 10 outs on flop vs a small stack and a big stack?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

I hope that we can ask more questions about some of the hands sent out by email by LearnWPT. I was hoping for additional comments on the following hand:

Cash game: 1/2

Hero: CO, AhKs, $300

BTN: $340

BB: $29

Preflop: Hero raises to $6, BTN and BB call

FLOP: (Pot $19) 5c4s2s; BB shoves $25 stack. Pot = $44, what is Hero's best move?

LearnWPT recommendation = call since the BB's shove is a large amount and if the BTN continues in the hand, it puts us in an awkward situation. If the BB's bet had been smaller, then a smaller isolation raise would have been OK. Calling the $25 does give us the correct odds since the BB is more commonly shoving with AX, middle pairs, and flush draws, so our 10 outs are probably good over all (38% to improve by the River requiring 1:1.6 odds and the pot is giving us 1:1.76 odds).

However, I am not totally convinced that doing a large isolation raise, such as to $60-$65 wouldn't be a correct play as well.

I'd love to hear more discussion


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