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how do I play a small made flush on the flop?

  • drlou (Banning CA)

last night playing a 1/2 cash game hero in sb with $98 in stack. ep2, 4 and7 limped hero called with 3d 5d, BB checked with stack of $70. flop is 2d,4d,7d hero bet out with 20 BB called, ep2 and 4 folded p7 called with stack of $170. turn was Jh. hero shoved all in for total of $98. BB folded seat 7 thought for a while and called, river 10d seat 7 turned over Kd,Jc, my question is did I play correctly by betting out with $20 or should I have shoved . my thinking is he may have called anyway however if I did shove BB would have folded so there would have $20 less in the pot

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