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How do I play AA after a Villain flop raise when the hand was 3-bet preflop?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

Cash game: 1/2

MP1 Villain unknown to hero, stack $230
Hero, SB, $1067, AhAs

Preflop: MP1 raises to $7, folds to Hero who raises to $21; folds to MP1 who calls

Flop: (Pot = $40 after rake, SPR 5, $208 behind) Qh7d5c; Hero bets out $23; MP1 raises to $74

Q1: What is Hero's best move after this flop raise on a dry board in a preflop 3-bet pot? Villain's bet is pot committing.

Q2: If your answer above is fold ... what is the maximum SPR (stack to pot ratio) would you be willing to get it all in with on this board? And would this SPR max vary between a wet board and a dry board?

What Hero actually did was called the flop raise with the intention to pot control vs an MP1 range of 30% of the KK hands/QQ/77/55/AQ/KQ against which Hero's equity is 61%

Q3: Any recommended changes to Villain's range? Would you add in 99-JJ at all?

Turn: (pot = $188 with $135 left behind) Qs hits; Hero checks (as per pot control plan), Villain bets out $84 (pot = $272)

Q4: What should Hero do?

My plan was to check and call to the River for pot control, however, If Hero calls, I must assume all-in for a total of $135 and a total end pot of $458 giving me a pot equity of 29%. My AA equity has now shrunk to a measly 14% vs my initial range. Although we say we can call a flop bet for pot control if plan to take it all the way to the river... is this an exception?

However, if I simply add in JJ to Villain's range... my equity jumps to a callable 32%

Comment and recommendations on hand?


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