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How do I play against IAG = Insanely Aggressive players in cash games with premium holdings that aren't AA and KK?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

$2/$3 Live

8 handed

Hero in BB with $450 behind

UTG with $300 behind

Button with $600 behind

UTG limps $3

folds to Button

Button is moderately drunk, playing super wide and super aggressive.

Has shown down hands that he has 3bet shoved preflop, and raised all-in on the flop that are 33% hands (A7o, 9To, etc)

Typically, I notice he makes aggressive move as soon as there is a chunk of money in the pot, either pre or post.

His move is to over shove all in, and its been working...getting folds, and has gotten lucky when called.

Button opens to $21

SB folds

Hero looks down at JcJd

I debate whether to default raise to $65, maybe raise less, or raise more, or check with the intention to call most flops if Button moves all-in after I check the flop...

I am 90% confident, that if I 3bet here, Button will move all-in...not sure about UTG, fairly competent player, will probably fold to my 3bet, but he has limped from EP, and could be setting up Button as well...

I decide to call, with the intention to check most flops, and call an all-in from Villain on most boards...

(Would love feedback on this decision)

UTG calls

Pot: $60 after rake


8c 5d 2s

Hero checks

UTG bets $40

Button moves all in


Over pair 3 way is difficult I believe I am ahead but how far is the question

Button has any two literally

I now realize I failed to consider this possibility, and I am more concerned about UTG then button at this point...

UTG is well aware of Button's play, and could have TP/TK or an overpair, or better...I doubt UTG has anything worse...maybe a pair and a draw, at worst...

Your thoughts?


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