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How do I play AQ in CO after a SB 3-bet?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

Cash, $1-$2

Hero (CO) ($655): AcQs

SB ($233, 116BB, unknown player to me)

Preflop: Hero raises to $6; the SB raises to $21, BB folds; hero raises to $60; SB calls

Flop: (Pot $110 after rake, $173 behind, SPR 1.6) Kc8c7d SB bets $80


1. Should Hero 4-bet preflop in this situation? I included AJ and AT, pairs, KJ+ in SB raising range. Is it appropriate to include AT? If so, 3-bet is appropriate; if not, then a fold is appropriate.

2. What should Hero do on the flop? In another discussion elsewhere, I wrote down that Rizen stated if you are putting in a pot committing bet preflop in a Cash game, instead of shoving preflop, as one would do in a tournamant preflop, he would raise the "normal" amount with the plan of not folding post flop. Prior to my writing that down, I would have folded on this flop when Villain donk bets on the flop and it was a 3-bet or 4-bet preflop pot when I miss the flop.

3. What is the definition of "pot commitment" preflop? My confusion = in the WPT Tournament Boot Camps, Nicky "Numbers" Brancato stated that it is 25% - 40% the ES (effective stack size): "doesn't matter which you choose as long as you always choose the same amount in order to not create a betting pattern tell. Some pros choose 25% to shove while other choose 40%." Well... my standard is 33%. When I was playing this hand, I remembered what Brancato said about 25%, plus I wasn't going to shove since this was a cash game (per Rizen in #2). In the heat of the moment.. I figured there must be a good reason for 25%, so that is what I chose for the hand. There must be a "more accurate mathematical answer"... is it 25%, 33%, 40%?

Don't we all just love AQ?

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