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How do I play as medium stack after a 3-bet by the chip leader when in the money in a tournament?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

18 left out of 265
In the money, but 11-30 low pay (around $211 spots 21-30, $266 11-20, 1st place $6600, 2nd $4600, 3rd $2600)

( Hero is #8 in chips overall, SB is the chip leader, player on my right has 20BB, the CO has 18BB, all others at table have 5-10BB; several microstacks at other table)
SB RRs 36,200 (has been active as chip leader with VPIP/PFR 28/28 out of 18 hands)

Hero: EP2, 137,536 (17.3BB) AdQc
SB: 212218 (31.2BB)

Preflop: (starting pot 19,200)

Hero raises 16,100

SB raises to 32,200

(Pot = 67,500)

Hero's move?

I put SB on range of TT+/AQ+, but could be tighter as he should be aware of my being on a narrow range as an EP raiser. However, could be wider, wielding around his big stack without abandon.

On one hand, I know that I need to accumulate chips, and with an awkward stack, I am usually prepared to call an all-in after I raise with AQ. However, this is the chip leader, and I know I should avoid confrontations with large stacks as I get closer to the top of the money. Calling is out of the question; do I fold or shove?

I folded thinking of CME and preserving my stack rather than risk my tournament life in an iffy situation.


By way of edit: I added on the SB play preflop, which I forgot to put initially

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