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How do I play vs an awkward stack in cash games?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

It is not too uncommon at low limit cash tables for recreational players to buy in at small amounts, playing "for fun". They will then sometimes end up with an awkward stack size (11BB - 20BB).

What is the best way to play them in a cash game?

Do our tournament awkward stack strategies apply here?

What if, the SB has 18BB, BB has 100BB, on the BTN I raise first in for 4BB with KTo, SB calls then BB folds? The pot is 9BB and the SB has 14BB behind? I will miss the flop 70% of the time, and a c-bet is pot committing.

What if the SB has 18BB and bets 3BB into me as the BB with 100BB? Is the reshove "move" +EV in a Cash game with 72o?


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