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how do i respond to a check raise?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

I have a hard time figuring out how good a hand I need to continue when my continuation bet is check raised.


1-2 live game

I have AhKc in middle position. 100BB I raise to 12 w/ . SB w/ 150bb calls. BB w/ 90bb calls.

pot is 16bb after rake

Flop Ks 6c 4c

It is checked to me and I bet 10bb. SB raises to 25 bb and BB folds

Pot 51bb 15 to call. If I continue I think it will be all in by river. so I am looking at risking 84 more bb to win 130.

My opponents range includes. 66, 44, KQ, KJ, KT AcXc, suited connectors of clubs. 75s, 64s

less likely AA, KK,QQ, JJ. K9 played badly.

I think I am ahead of most of his hands but I am not to sure.

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