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How does structure impact ICM and how should I adjust in this tourney

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

15 out of 75 left

Standard payout structure starting at $277 for 9th to $3500 for first

$200 buyin in

BB ante

:20 min levels

The Button's rejam is a range that is quite likely AQ+, JJ-QQ...with about 50% TT and 25% 99

He has shown a consistent pattern to 3bet smaller in these spots with AA and very likely KK (we could maybe add 25% KK)

I have run in ICMIZER and HRC. When I run in HRC and allow the Button to flat, and I fix the 3bet jam range to the one above, the Hero calling range is QQ+, AK...and little tweaks make it even tighter of KK+, AKs...even if I widen the Button shoving range to some AJs, and KQ...JJ is still an ICM fold.

This is likely due to the fact I am flipping with ICM implications most of the time I call.

However, this structure moves very fast at :20 min levels, and the play also slows down...creating an opportunity cost factor.

I run the same ICM spot in ICMIZER and JJ is a borderline call or fold, depending on slightest tweaks of adding AJs, or KQs, or adding some TT.

The difference between ICMIZER and HRC is likely slight variations in stack distributions.


1) How should the speed of the tournament and average stack depth as a well as opportunity cost, impact these ICM borderline spots?

2) If my fold to 3bet % is really high due to ICM pressure, should I tighten my opening ranges? and by how much?

3) How does stack distribution affect these spots in game? Stack distribution seems to have a large impact in this spot on borderline hands like JJ

My thought live was a flip was worth it, due to the payout structure being top heavy, the actual structure getting shallower as the final table and bubble hit, and the play slowing down to a limited number of hands per level.



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