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How much is too much to raise in a cash game?

  • terryskipworth (Desoto )

I watch the pre-flop raising video. You said there is always an amount that will thin the field. I know in the casino I play $1-$3 nl cash a $15 raise usually at most gets two callers. And majority of the time gets just one caller or folds. With my stack $300 deep most of time starting out, I can't see raising more if folded to me . Since $15 would be 5% of my stack size. Right? Now if there limpers in front of me as you said add on a blind per limper to my $15 raise. Correct? I guess what I'm asking . What is too much? To me it's silly to invest too much to win at most one blind! I know in the stealing episode you talked about briefly raising in cash games and in $1-$2 to $2-$5 games that raising $15 the risk to reward ratio is high to bet $15 to win 3.

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