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How much of a disadvantage is it to play "Big-$-Tournaments" in Vegas if you don't live there

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Hey Guys, hardly a week goes by without someone boasting about an upcoming poker trip to Vegas. From what I've seen, the overwhelming majority of these players come back with less money than when they started not counting the high travel & lodging expenses. From that and my own experience, I've come to view Big-$-Tournaments (>$300 buy-in) in Vegas the same way NFL teams view away games against the Patriots. You're playing against good players on their home field. You can win a game but over the long-term it's not a winning proposition. What say you? Do pros believe a Big-$-Tournament home field advantage exists in Vegas and if so, how much of an advantage is it? Please restrict your response to the higher-end Strip Casinos. Thanks

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