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How should I adjust my play against a LAG?

  • LesNessman (Chino Hills, CA)

I'm on tilt after a session yesterday and my question actually has to deal with 3 points.

1. Did I play the hand correctly or what could I have done differently?

2. How, or, should you adjust your game as new players enter the game?

3. When you know you no longer have the best game at the table and there are no other tables at that buy-in what should you do?

To start off, I was playing $20NL which is $1 no limit ($1BB & $1SB) $20 max buyin. (I play this game die to a small bankroll of only $500). On only one buyin I is was up 5.5x after 4 hours. I had a pretty dominant game and there was really only one player that was beating me (and he was hitting on rivers with terrible odds to call). My strategy was small ball, raising to $3 when first to act or raising to $5 with one limper ahead of me.

Anyhow, the players changed and got increasingly more aggressive as the night wore on. I was in seat 9 and seat 1 got taken by a regular that I see crushing this game just about 80% of the time that I play against him. This guy was really getting on my nerves. He was repeatedly raising and taking down pots with hands like Ad10c; catching an A and moving all in ($60), or three betting a $12 raise (to $36) on a Jd4c2c flop which resulted in a steal and showing 10c3c.

So, one particular hand in question was where I had 9h9d in MP2 and raised to $6 when it folded to me. MP3 villian called, everyone else folded. The flop came 3sJh6c. I Cbet $6 and villian called. The turn came 10s and I checked (since he had called the Cbet). Villian bet $12 and then took all his chips (appx $30) and made one big stack as a marker on top of his cards as to intimidate. My first reaction was to shove (I had about $40 behind and had him covered), as he had been making big semi-bluffs and had also been betting top pair with medium kickers, or middle pair with weak kickers. I thought through the hand for about 30 seconds and then folded due to the 2 overcards. The A-hole flipped over Qs2s and laughed.

What would have been the proper play here?

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