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How should I defend the BB and play post flop with ICM considerations

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Live Tournament

1 day 100k

13 left out of 440

will likely ICM chop at 5-9 players

7 handed

Hero in BB with 500k

Villain in SB with 800k


Folds to Villain who opens to 70k

Hero with 4c6c

SB is pretty straightforward, but has been opening all SBvsBB since I raised his limp the first time it happened.

This seems like a standard defend, but should we defend with same ranges when ICM considerations become important.

There is a $500 pay jump from 13 to 12, and there is a microstack at the other table…

Also, this will likely chop and the chop with be in the 15-20k range, and next payout is $2600…

I choose to defend

Pot: 161k

SPR: 2.5



SB bets 70k

Hero? Seems like a straightforward call or shove situation…I can’t see a fold here

I think about jamming, but with ICM considerations?

Factors I consider:

1) this player hasn’t shown out of line play, he likely has a 5x combo, a Jx combo, or a pocket pair, and is betting for protection/value

2) I am not getting direct pot odds, but I have implied odds on his Jx combos

3) If I jam I do have considerable fold equity, but the field is not super challenging, and I definitely feel I have a skill edge on a decent portion of the remaining field.

4) If I call, and a blank hits, the villain will likely slow down on anything but Jx combos and draws…but I will have set up a pot of 300k with 360k behind on the turn which is a pot sized shove and villain is first to act.

I decided to call, and the 9c hit on the turn (not river) and SB jammed…but what should I be considering here?

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