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How should I have responded to this min check raise?

  • Bossman (Greensboro, NC)

Was this bad play by villian, bad play by me, or just a bad suck out? 5BB was my standard opening bet at this table and I got the perfect situation heads up in position with the best hand at that point. The villian was unknown to me but in playing with him for a couple hours he seemed like a competent player. One pair betting lines dictate bet/check/bet with a dry flop in position so how should I have responded to the min check raise? How does this affect the turn? I deviated from the one pair betting line on the turn after calling the check raise because I thought the opponent had a weak hand or just bluffing due to the board. I bet the river small hoping to get called since I felt I was ahead and any potential flush draw missed. This however put me in a tough situation when my river bet was raised. After the hand played out I felt this was a huge mistake betting the river, but I was trying to maximize value. Should I have raised the check raise to x 3 on the flop and if opponent did not fold just be done with the hand? All input greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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