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How should we alter our C-bet strategy when dealing with HUDs or players that float frequently when they are in IP to us?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Due to a lot of HUDs, online it can become quickly apparent that our strategy results in:

1) Tight PFT but a high PFR/VPIP...which labels us as a TAG with a more narrow, likely unpolarized range

2) Hi CBet Flop % and Lower CBet Turn % and lower Fold to Turn Bet %

I have read forums that attack players with this profile by floating C-bets a % of the time, and betting when Hero checks turn...which we do a good percentage of the time.

This is potentially problemmatic from early and middle positions, when are unpolarized range is exposed to some flop textures, we fire the flop, and then, by plan check/fold turn...

Is there a nuance to either a) decrease C-bet % based on flop texture and opponent hand range, in this situation, and/or b) increase T-Cbet % based on other factors?



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