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How should we discount outs?

  • davidasavarese (Las Vegas)

I find myself in many situations where at first I believe I have 8 or 9 outs but then I realize that some or all of my outs will not be good. I don't know how much significance to but on these potentially bad outs,

A few examples

QhJh Flop Ts9s3c 8s and Ks may give my opponents a flush. Should I just count this as 6 outs?

JsJc Flop Tc 6c 5c May be drawing dead. Maybe hitting a club looses to a bigger flush, How should I evaluate hitting the Jack?

As5s flop JsJcTs, Probably 9 outs but I wouldn't want to get into a raising war with deep stacks if the spade hits especially if the spade is K,Q or 9,

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