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How should we handle when we are check/raised on the flop when we have an 8+ out draw in position

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Number of Players:
Hero Stack:
Villain Stack:
750 (BB)
Hero Hand:
Hero open to $15, BB calls
2s5s9c (pot $35)
Hero bets 20 and V check-raises to 60, Hero calls

Should H 3bet?


V checks.

Bet or check behind?

Additional Information:
Been playing together for 15 minutes. I am somewhat familiar with V but he probably doesn't remember me (is a drunk and looks like a fan of meth). V is a fish, active and I have never seen him win. I'm speculating that he would raise with air because the flop is scattered, contains no high cards (and didn't hit my range from his point of view). I'm wary of 3 betting the flop check-raise in case he happened to flop TP or better. I don't think he would let it go, but of course, if he is check raising as a bluff I can take it down now. 3 bet in order? That was a viable option that I passed up on....I have seen him check raise once in a similar situation in the past with AK on a 33T flop.

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