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How to best log live cash game play?

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

I am going to start logging my live cash game play and have created a simple spreadsheet for the purpose that contains the following columns...City; State; Country; Venue; Day; Date; Time Started; Time Ended; Session Length (Hrs:Mins); Breaks; Time Between Breaks (Ave Hrs:Mins); Break Length (Ave Hrs:Mins); Stakes (SB) ($); Stakes (BB) ($); Rake Type; Initial Buy-In ($); Initial Buy-In (BB); Total Session Buy-In ($); Total Session Buy-In / Initial Buy-In; Gross Profit/Loss ($); Mileage; Mileage ($); Expenses (Food/Drink/Parking/Misc.) ($); Net Profit/Loss ($)

Are there any columns that you would add that would lead to useful metrics (or, are there any superfluous columns that I have down that I should just go ahead and eliminate)?

Thanks for the feedback!

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