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How to maximize value with top-set on dry board against exploitable opponent

  • Tom W (Ann Arbor, MI)

Hi Nick. I wanted to find-out if I could have extracted more value in this situation or if I likely got the most that I could.

A few bits of info...I was not too concerned with the EP3 limper when I raised since this was a pretty sound/aggressive table (with one or two exceptions) and I expected any range ahead of my holding to open-raise rather than open-limp to trap or anything tricky. MP1 (the main villain in this hand) called a significant amount of hands pre-flop, did not raise pre-flop, and played fit or fold post-flop.

After Villain leads the flop, I decided to call for a few reasons...1) the board was so dry and locked-up for me that I was not worried about c-raising for any type of balancing...2) Villain's lead was most unusual (I had been to the flop as the pre-flop aggressor in position with Villain six prior times in the two+ hours we had been playing together and he check-folded four times and check-called the two other times ultimately showing down with top-pair marginal kicker where I out-kicked him both times)...3) I felt there was no reason to force EP3 out of the hand at this point and thought for sure EP3 would call the small lead especially once I did (but he did not :-(

My plan was to raise or bet the turn if any card came that would provide any type of coordination to the board and kill my action but, once the turn didn't do anything but help me or super-cooler me and Villain led again (with the small sizing), I decided to simply call hoping he would also bet the river.

After Villain checks the river, I decided to bet ~1/3 of his remaining stack for value figuring that if he had a marginal hand that he might find a call and feeling that, if I bet any more, I would fold-out the Jx hands he might be able to call (I figured quads, lesser sets, 6x and he'd raise anyway). Judging by the time it took him to finally call and what he ultimately held, I think I bet the most that he was going to call in this instance. However, is there anything you would have done differently (action or sizing) along the way here.


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