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How to play against known players that seem to have my number?

  • Doornumber7 (Atlanta, GA)

Hey Guys,

thanks again for this excellent website and for your thoughtful and detailed responses to my questions.

I'm having a good run of late at live tournaments as long as a couple of players are not in the tournament. Because I'm on a good run, I tell myself I must be doing a good job mixing up my game up but for what ever reason(s) two guys have my number and I haven't been able to crack them yet.

To be more accurate, one guy (top 3 finisher often) has made mistakes by calling/raising me when I have him dominated but he always seems to hit on the river whenever we showdown. The other guy (top 3 finisher often) just seems to know what I have no matter what I do and wins every show down against me.

I compete a lot in ball sports and learned early on that I really only improve when I play against guys that are better than me and consistently beat me. That has made me so competitive that I have a hard time avoiding getting involved in hands with better poker players. I keep telling myself that playing against these guys will make me better in the long run but I'm questioning whether that is a wise attitude to take in live tournament poker

What do you say? Should I stay away from these guys or simply continue to play my game and if they get involved in a hand with me then so be it?


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