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How to play this straight when up against trip / FH combos

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

9 handed


MP3 limps with $175 behind

Button calls with $100

Hero calls in sb with $300 behind and 7sTs



Pot: $6 after take

Hero bets $6

MP3 raises to $21

Rest fold

Hero calls...?

I place MP3 on 9x hands and flush draws as well a 44

Possibly a few pairs here

Maybe some combos of 88,77,66

Pot: $48







Hero bet or check/call?

And a second question, how do you determine when to take a betting line versus check/calling range when Hero has a flush/straight on a paired board....or has a medium to weak flush where a portion of Villain's range is the strong/nut flush?

Should we always play to bet/call, bet/fold, or check/raise?

What is the criteria?

One criteria I am using is:
1) Hero has weak flush and Ace flush card is on flop, I tend to play more of a bet/call or bet/fold line...rather than a check/call

2) Hero has weak flush and no Ace card of the flush is on flop/turn/river, I will tend to check/call against multiple opponents and bet/call heads up.

3) When hero has a flush/straight and board is paired on turn or river, I will check/call or bet/fold depending on the aggression/tightness of villain.

Your thoughts?


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