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How would you play this multiway pot with KK?

  • terryskipworth (Desoto )

I was playing 1/2 no limit cash game and of course the typical aggressive drunk gambler raising $12 preflop every hand. On this particula hand I picked up KK in late position with $200 behind and got 6 limpers in front. I raised $40 got called from UTG $200 behind, and middle1 who is villain $300 behind , and middle 2. $200 behind. Flop 10-c 10d 8h. UTG checked, villain bet $25 , middle 2 folded I called , UTG folded. Turn 2d. Villain bets $45 I called. River 7h. He be bets $50 I move all in. How would you have played this?

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