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I called here preflop, which was not default...fold flop/turn/river?

  • 111Jackhammr318 (Westside, CA)

Standard LearnWPT would be to play this in a linear way, either 3betting with AdQd, or folding. However, at 30bb I decided to flat. I am 3betting a polarized range here, and flatting with hands that realize well post flop. I am getting 1000/1750 or 1.75/1 odds to call (35% pot odds). I am new to the table, so I don't have any range beyond default for villain. Two ranges I would estimate would be tighter (TT+, AQ+) to wider (66+, ATo+, A9s+, KJ+, KTs+, QTs+, JTs...and maybe 89s, T9s). As played, I am reviewing the line to make sure it is correct. I ran both ranges in PIO vs. my flatting range (99,TT,AJs,AQs,KQs) and the call on the flop and turn are in line with the result, for both ranges. On the river, PIO has Hero calling off here with AdQd, and although this is max exploitative, I am wondering whether this is correct against a villain that doesn't have many (if at all) 3barrel bluffs. The 3barrel bluffs in the PIO sim are AK combos, and some other misses. Not sure, if I should, as played call turn, or call river against a more value oriented bettor (villain). Looking for some default lines against a regular (who can have bluffing ranges), and a recreational player (who will have less bluffs, especially on river). Thanks, Patrick (aka Jackhammr318)

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