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I have QQ with a K on the flop. How do I bet???

  • teaguefamilyshared (Las Vegas, NV)

I wanted to ask a question about a hand I was in on a 1/2 cash game yesterday and get your opinion on how I should have handled the post-flop betting. I was ON THE BUTTON with QQ. Everybody had called the $2 big blind. When it came to me, I raised to $13. I only had one caller. The flop was RAINBOW 6 K 3. The first to act checked it to me. What should my bet have been at this point in time knowing that the first to act could easily have a K which would have me beat? Also, at what point should I fold this hand?

Also have it noted that myself and my only caller both had very similar chip stacks (about $250) and were both fairly tight players.

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