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In which situations is it generally correct to bet the flop with top pair in a limped pot?

  • donthomasj (Silver Spring, MD)

A not uncommon scenario in cash and tournament games:

Hitting top pair is often the best hand with limped pots. When is it usually +EV to go ahead and bet with top pair when you don't get your 8 outs or more or 2 pair or better?

I was thinking:

- When vs 2 Villains or less, no one bets, and it is an uncoordinated board.

But.. how about if 3 Villains, and uncoordinated board + checked to me as the in position player?

What do you think of the above situations to make this play? Are there any other situations you'd bet your flopped top pair in a limped pot? Does your kicker matter? Does the ES alter your opinion?

How about if you have middle pair?

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